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Bright Power LED is an emerging light emitting bulb producing firm. It provides long lasting led lights. It has made its name in perfection and durability.

We believe for the lighting all around within minimum usage of energy.

Bright Power led are circular bulb, often used for light fittings with no shade or cover; available in various sizes, you can find the perfect style that complements the overall look of your home or office. More and more people are discovering the great benefits of using Bright Power Led for outdoor and indoor lighting applications.

Bright Power Led are available in a number of light colors including RGB (red, green, blue), warm white, and white. There are also globe bulb that are fully dimmable, which make them versatile and functional for several applications.Not all light bulbs work well when used with dimmer light fittings. For those looking for dimmable light bulbs to put into a dimmer switch, look for light bulbs that are specifically designed to be dimmed. Although all bulbs can be used in dimmer switches, those designed to be dimmable will provide the best range of light.

The construction of Bright Power Led is solid and compact, the main material of bulb are aluminum and PVC, they have no filament. This feature makes the Bright Power absolutely durable and less prone to damages, as compared to typical energy-efficient bulbs. In addition, the quality of light remains constantly bright even after several hours of uses. These qualities make the LED bulb superior to other lighting options. In terms of safety,

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